1423 Main Street, Suite D
Little Rock, AR 72202

Sustainability In Action


As a popular gathering place for the Southside Main Street neighborhood, we have several local initiatives to give back to the community.

Donate time and product to community events and local nonprofit fundraisers. Monthly campaign for a local nonprofit organization.  Profits from a limited edition ice cream flavor sold exclusively at The Green Corner Store Soda Fountain are donated to a local charity. 
Five cents of our glass soda bottle returns benefit Arkansas water conservation groups.


The Green Corner Store Soda Fountain exclusively serves delicious products made by Loblolly Creamery, a Little Rock company.  Almost every item at The Green Corner Store Soda Fountain has been made from scratch including waffle cones, sprinkles, whipped cream and maraschino cherries.

  • All ice cream starts with hormone-free milk and cream from Coleman Dairy Co-op.
  • There are no artificial ingredients, premixes, preservatives, or unnatural emulsifiers.
  • Fresh, seasonal ingredients that are sourced locally are used whenever possible. Some of the ingredients from local companies include coffee from Mountain Bird Coffee, AR; honey from K-Bee Honey, Sherwood; herbs and fruits from Central Arkansas farmers, goats' milk from Central Arkansas farmers, liquor and wine from Arkansas distilleries and vineyards.
  • Fair trade vanilla, coffee, and chocolate
  • All gluten-free ingredients, using our homemade rice and potato flour mix
  • We create simple soda syrup flavors, kombucha, and dry sodas.  We want to show our community that there are better-for-your-health beverage choices that are organic, natural, and made with socially and environmental forward-thinking choices. We use local herbs, local fruits and play with medicinal beverages as well.
  • The soda fountain will provide a more elaborate choice of beverage beside the standard juice, pop, and water. Use of quality soda, tea, and other ingredients will establish the soda fountain s the place for attaining such high-quality goods.  


We care deeply about the environment and are committed to reducing our impact on it.  We try to purchase products that are ethical sourced and created in ways that are better for you and the environment.

  • We use reusable towels, napkins, grocery bags.
  • We offer re-usable metal spoons for tasting.
  • All in-house dishware at The Green Corner Store Soda Fountain is reusable from our stainless steel straws to our cloth napkins to our milkshake glasses and sundae dishes.
  • All disposables goods are made from 100% renewable resources.  All to-go containers are biodegradable and compostable and are made from either paper, bagasse (a fiber made from sugar-cane husk), or compostable potato starch.
  • We also recycle or compost 98% of our solid waste.
  • Customers are encouraged to bring in their own bowl, cup, and pint container. We provide an incentive of $.25 off their purchase when they do.
  • Since most things are made from scratch, we buy ingredients in bulk and have reduced use of excess packaging.
  • Reusable ice cream tubs are used for gallon-size orders and for transporting ice cream from the kitchen to The Green Corner Store Soda Fountain.
  • All cleaning supplies are environmentally friendly.
  • Energy efficient lighting and equipment is used whenever available.